I don't see it as yet another blog, but it probably will be the last time I go through the signing up for a new blogging site ordeal before giving up on this (I shall persist) idea of writing about things in more than 140 characters. I started a blog on tumblr and started that also with a similar post, talking about communicating in more than 140 characters. Brevity, indeed is the soul of wit but sadly, sometimes I need to type a long incoherent post to end the day. 'Tis one such post you're reading right now and I shall thank you, new reader of a new blog.


A new beginning deserves a new blog, incidentally my first blog post ever was titled 'a new beginning'. Well, this is a different new beginning, in fact a new new beginning. Something about writing this post sitting on an uncomfortable chair in the hot Madras weather says this is the beginning of a good blog, something that I will be faithful to, something that will have more than just a few posts. I'll leave out opinionated statements about writing for writing's sake, or whatever it is that makes me write here, because as long as I write it doesn't matter and if I don't write, then again, it doesn't matter.

I am not sure why I am talking about a new beginning here, when I am spending my days following arguments on the internet and sleeping through some great football matches. But soon enough, there are some significant changes scheduled to happen in my life and I believe this is going to be the place where I'll talk about that and everything else.

I really am not someone who uses "time flies like an arrow" whenever I get within a 100 mile radius of a watch, but it hit me hard when I was asking my friend about how his week was after he said something about not having enough time. Yes, I was 'catching up' with my friend next to whom I was sitting for almost 4 years. I am still spending my summer 'vacation' while he will soon finish one month at work. It struck me hard and I found myself feeling sad about everything that's changed so rapidly. 4 years is quite a long period without change. Well, it is finally here.


PS: The post is beautiful isn't it? Earlier today somewhere else I said,

I think the most inanimate thing I can fall in love with is a typeface.

I guess this is my new home.