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What made this necessary?

When I was setting up this space, I was constantly wondering why, someone who hardly has any code to showcase and someone who hardly writes reviews of CS literature and tech, needs a personal space. But when I revisited the actual reason I planned to set this up it made sense. I needed a common place to aggregate everything I have done online, so that when I want to give some substance for people to evaluate me I can direct them to this space.

Who would want to evaluate me? The impulse behind this set up is me applying to graduate schools. Every app asked for a url and I have been writing on different blogs and there simply wasn't enough space in the application to list every blog and tutorial (I didn't have my code on github back then). So I decided to put the only relevant project (though there are a couple more which are not exactly free for access) on my github page so that by some luck, if the admissions committee decided to go through my code, they'll get a sense of how much I am comfortable with coding up the ideas I have.

If at all I end up going to grad school I'm planning on writing literature summaries, tutorial on notes and project pages for whatever code I'm putting up on git.

As a first step, in the next post I'll be writing about a naive implementation of a machine learning technique. Though there are excellent examples out there on the web by people who are much more knowledgeable, at the first glance those implementations were not comprehensible for me as a beginner. My method isn't exactly the best, it is probably silly. But it explains the process well and the intuition behind it. So it might as well be online for someone who will begin where I stand right now.