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Power of the Indian passport

Sometime back, there was a discussion going on on Twitter about how many countries would allow Indians to visit visa free. From the looks of it, though there are not many countries that allow Indians to visit visa free, a lot of people seemed woefully unaware that some countries do! There is also the practice of visa on arrival, which, though allows only short durations, is perfect if you're a business visitor or a tourist.

So I made a map using the most awesome datamaps and this wiki article as source. You can right click anywhere in the blank space around the map and open it in a new tab/window for distraction free viewing. I also added some useful information like how long you can remain visa free in those countries that allow visa free travel, and how long your visa is valid at those countries that do allow visa on arrival.

Please be aware that this is by no means a comprehensive list as datamaps did not have the provision to add a few island nations like the beautiful Mauritius. Also if you find any mistake, do let me know. Thanks in advance! Also the colorchoice was made using Color Brewer. You should check it out if you make maps. It is awesome!