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If you’re here for the first time, you might probably want to know what this site is all about.

I simply wanted to bring my entire internet presence under one hood, and also learn to use jekyll at the same time. I have always wanted my own website and this kind of serves that purpose.

So here’s what you need to know about this site:

  • If you're here to check out my github profile for code (or the lack of it :D), contact me on Facebook, or locate my Quora profile you can do so on the left.

  • If you're here to find my CS/Math tutorials on Quora you can find the links to them on top of the page. As of December 2013, I have started writing one for Mathematics in Computer Science and one for Competitive programming. I don't think I'll keep up on the Competitive programming blog but I have made it a point to keep writing on the Math for CS blog.

  • I have decided to write about books that I read, since I believe writing about things I do have been the best motivators for me to do things so far. So you can find book reviews on this site as well.

  • Apart from that this can be considered as a blog for all means and purposes. I'll write about things I find interesting in my field of study, will not discuss about things that are personal for which I have another blog whose posts that I share with my friends.

  • Let me know how you liked what you liked.